Marriage is not always easy. There have been a lot of disagreements that we had to compromise in order to come up with a solution. I marry my husband for better and for worst. And even though in the beginning of the marriage it is a little rough, there is nothing like having a partner to talk and listen to. It is not easy living with someone and compromising all the time, it takes patience and love to really achieve it. This June we will be together for nine full years. Oh my goodness nine imperfectly perfect years. 

            We started dating during our teenage stage, and well it is a time of exploration, and identity. At that stage we are trying to figure out the world, and the things it can offer. I left to college. I decided to build a relationship with God, and was a firm believer that everything always happened for a reason. I was confident in everything I wanted in life, but sometimes I would doubt myself. 

            I was a Christian with high expectations in life, but I would doubt a LOT. I knew that those feelings were not coming from God. In an instant I started doubting if He was even real. I grew up in the church, and knew that He was real, but during times of confusion and being alone you tend to get lost… I got lost, and stopped seeking the Lord, and decided to do things with my own abilities. I decided that being “religious” and always being the “good kid” in the group was not convenient, and then I decided to stop living. 

            It brought issues in my relationship with my boyfriend (my now husband). I was rebellious, and wanted to live the college life. I then tempted him to have sex with me. I knew I should have not dragged him in my problems. But I was hurting, and needed distraction. He then was in my same boat. However, he was stronger in everything, and I was sensitive, and selfish in the relationship. He decided that he would be patient with me, and prayed for me. He never judged me, or put me down. He was healthy mentally, and wanted me to get better. I became anxious, depressed, and self-conscious about myself. But my boyfriend motivated me, and was there, he listened and loved me. 

He could of walked away and left me there with my own problems. But he made my problems his, and worked along with me. I then realized that love is not always flowers, letters, jewelry, or ect. It is the act of love, showing up, being there, and loving you regardless of your flaws. I learned how to love myself, and truly Love others. My husband met this perfect Christian girl nine years ago who was confident, and sometime during the relationship she went downhill without looking back. His patience, and his Faith in God saved me. God saved me. And through my Husband I was saved by His Grace.

Long Distance Relationships

My husband and I have been together for 7 years. There has been tears and laughter, but mainly laughters. I tend to always laugh during inappropriate moments, but I mean why be so serious? I started dating my husband at age 18 with no experience in anything what so ever. To be honest, I really thought I was doing a summer fling before I headed out to college. To my surprise he managed to make me fall head over heels over him while being miles away. How did I manage a long distance relationship? Well, we were not terribly far apart, but considering being young and broke, well it was hard. A few tips that got us through these 4 years of college were to:

  1. Write letters to each other. Now i know we have a phone to send a quick text, but a letter its personal, and its meaningful.
  2. Skype/ facetime: At the time, well everyone would Skype, until the iPhones brought it their amazing FaceTime, making everyones life easier. 
  3. Watch a show at the same time. It is nice to share about something grounded. 
  4. Send each other a sweet care package. It is always nice to receive a small surprise. 
  5. Meet half way. I know for most it is probably not an option, but if possible meeting halfway is always fun and exciting.