Long Distance Relationships

My husband and I have been together for 7 years. There has been tears and laughter, but mainly laughters. I tend to always laugh during inappropriate moments, but I mean why be so serious? I started dating my husband at age 18 with no experience in anything what so ever. To be honest, I really thought I was doing a summer fling before I headed out to college. To my surprise he managed to make me fall head over heels over him while being miles away. How did I manage a long distance relationship? Well, we were not terribly far apart, but considering being young and broke, well it was hard. A few tips that got us through these 4 years of college were to:

  1. Write letters to each other. Now i know we have a phone to send a quick text, but a letter its personal, and its meaningful.
  2. Skype/ facetime: At the time, well everyone would Skype, until the iPhones brought it their amazing FaceTime, making everyones life easier. 
  3. Watch a show at the same time. It is nice to share about something grounded. 
  4. Send each other a sweet care package. It is always nice to receive a small surprise. 
  5. Meet half way. I know for most it is probably not an option, but if possible meeting halfway is always fun and exciting.