How to stay Motivated during lockdown?

I want to encourage you to keep pushing in life. Do not let a small problem, or differences amongst other people bring you down. Life brings us unexpected experience, and we go through it like warriors. We all have one life, and need to live it to our fullest potential. It is easy to bring yourself down during a worldwide crisis. However your strength, and potential to fight in unity is stronger.

Therefore, it is important to remember the purpose of living in this world. I have realized that simple moments with our friends and families have been taken for granted. The simple moments of having dinner together, going out for ice cream, or going to the movies have been vanished from our calendars. I had plans to go to my brothers and husband graduation, and both were postponed for further notice. A lot of activities planned for April were cancelled, and we were only left with plans to go to our living room. It is a time in our life that we will always reminisce about.

It is important that I stay motivated physically, mentally, and spiritually. Every week let us focus on achieving each of these areas in our life. This week I have walked my dogs, practiced on my “planks,” I was optimistic during work, and I prayed. It is important to find balance in all of these areas in my life, because it is what makes me a human. I am not perfect, but everyday I strive to be a better person. I challenge you to focus on YOU these next couple of weeks. Make a change. Breathe, laugh and love. 

A new Era

Yes, we were all anxious and excited to start a new decade. A decade that some of us prayed for. Personally, I prayed for strength in my faith, and hope for my life. It is a fact that we are all experiencing world crisis. A crisis we never imagined to be part of. Who do I trust? Where do I look for answers about this virus? Of course, we all know there have been other diseases that have been deadlier. But it is not a competition. It is another disease added to our agenda. A disease that can perhaps be overpass, or it can be deadly if your immune system is weak. I look around me and there are people in fear of contagion. Yes, it can be scary, I can think about it every day, and get anxious. I am not quarantining, or working from home, I have to physically show up to work, and help those who cannot help themselves. I am part of the behavior services team, and just like patients need doctors and nurses to help with diseases, they need help with their mental health. It will only worsen due to change in their environment. We are here to not only help patients, but also help staff overcome this crisis. It is important to maintain calm, to breath, and to be thankful we are able to serve others in an era of a worldwide crisis.