I have challenged myself this week to meditate at least ten minutes daily. I am wanting to have a clear mind and serenity of my future. I am aware I am at an age of many trials, and confusion. I am still trying to figure out where I want to be in life. I want to be a creative writer, and an amazing counselor. I am certain of myself that the universe is always at our favor. Sometimes all we need is gratitude and love. Life has not been easy, but daily I am grateful for where I am in life. I challenge you to take a deep breath, and not be so harsh on yourself. You have done an amazing job by waking up, smiling and showing up in this crazy world. We are all different, and unique in our own ways. You have strength to conquer the world. 

Be Grateful

Life will not be easy. You will be weary. There are times in my life I feel with so much potential and strength to overcome obstacles. Other times I do not feel motivated to show up to my regular schedule. I have learn to show up, and be there, see where the world will take me. Observe your surrounding and where you are at the moment, and just be grateful. A special moment in time will not occur twice. Breathe, live, and be grateful. You are Blessed.

Be Unique

There was a time in my life I enjoyed pleasing others. I was the people pleaser who hardly said NO to anybody. I wanted people to like me, and to be a genuine friend to them. I always said what you wanted to hear. I was never the honest friend, I wanted you to like me. Through the years Life taught me so much about people, and the power we had to control many things in our life. I was never a negative person I desired to be good to others. One day I realized I did not have to be friends with toxic people who overwhelmed and drained me. I could say NO to them because I was not entitle to do anything for them. I was not a jerk about it, it just took me time to realize my worth in life. I started Loving myself more, I took care of myself, I enjoyed being with myself. I said YES to myself. Life will hit you hard sometimes, but as long as you have yourself there for encouragement, and motivation nothing will ever stop you.

New Blessings

As the year comes to an end, I have realized the blessings God has poured in to my life this year. There were times of trials, and hardships, but God always manifested His Glory. This year I learned to be patient, and actually listen to my close ones. I always had a plan in my life. It made me feel secure about myself. However, most of my plans would not come through, and it would upset me. Until I realized no matter how angry or upset I would get, some moments were out of my control. I decided to give up trying to put all the pieces of my life together, and let God take control, because His plans will always be better than my own. It might not make sense right now, but one day this piece of my life will explain itself. 

Unconditional Love

It has been a long week of holiday celebrations. My husband and I are both Mexican-Americans, and we are all about being with family. Considering both of our families live here in Dallas we try our best to spend time with both families. Yes, we could probably have one big celebration at our home, so both families could come over, but there is too many members in our family. In the Mexican culture is known for their big familia, +20 members. We all have differences, but at the end we share the same blood, and would do anything for each other. Even if we don’t share the same blood, you will become family. We always remind ourselves of how rich we are in culture and in love within our family. We might not have all the money in the world, but with laughter and love we are millionaires. Love every moment with loved ones, hug them tight, and love unconditionally. 

Loving You

My husband it’s an amazing man. He is God sent, made perfectly for me. He has been patient and caring. As a women I always found myself being selfish towards him, and expected a lot from him. The moment I started appreciating than expecting I realized how strong our love is. In marriage we will need each other to be lift up. Life has not been easy for both of us. However, we have each other’s love, and most importantly have prioritize God in the center of our relationship. Love, pray, and laugh. We only have one life. Live and enrich each other with positivity.

Is it Quarter Life Crisis?

Life at twenty-five years old it is hella hard. I mean you have all these goals you want to achieve, and it seems there is not time for them. I have caught up myself worrying about my future, my career, and my financial status. Now, this has caused me to feel anxious, and stress. Lately I have stopped myself to take a deep breath and focused on the situations I am able to manage, and make a list of goals to achieve daily. It is great to dream big, and want more for oneself, but it is important to take care of our well-being. It has been a priority for myself to balance my spiritual, mental, and physical health. I believe this helps us achieve many things in life. I am no expert in counseling, yet. However, it is my goal to one day be a professional counselor, so I can help many powerful women achieve their ultimate goals in life. As in for now, I am still looking for inspiration to keep going in life. Take a breath. You are only human. 

Long Distance Relationships

My husband and I have been together for 7 years. There has been tears and laughter, but mainly laughters. I tend to always laugh during inappropriate moments, but I mean why be so serious? I started dating my husband at age 18 with no experience in anything what so ever. To be honest, I really thought I was doing a summer fling before I headed out to college. To my surprise he managed to make me fall head over heels over him while being miles away. How did I manage a long distance relationship? Well, we were not terribly far apart, but considering being young and broke, well it was hard. A few tips that got us through these 4 years of college were to:

  1. Write letters to each other. Now i know we have a phone to send a quick text, but a letter its personal, and its meaningful.
  2. Skype/ facetime: At the time, well everyone would Skype, until the iPhones brought it their amazing FaceTime, making everyones life easier. 
  3. Watch a show at the same time. It is nice to share about something grounded. 
  4. Send each other a sweet care package. It is always nice to receive a small surprise. 
  5. Meet half way. I know for most it is probably not an option, but if possible meeting halfway is always fun and exciting.

Young and Married

    Being married young has been an outsanding experience. I am a twenty-five woman with no kids, but I am a proud dog mom to a small maltipoo. There is a lot of things that make up a marriage. So i will slightly speak of my experience. We do not always agree in certain things. But we certainly manage to respect each others opinion and decisions. My husband and I dated 7 years before being married. I will say, our marriage has been an amazing journey.

As humans we are selfish, and we tend to always have high expectations from our partners. Quickly I learned that in our marriage it takes a lot of selfless love, mercy, and compassion. Now, I cannot speak for most marriages, but as for ours I knew these were the main keys to be able to succeed in our marriage. Marriage actually takes work, I mean you don’t literally think, oh it is a lot of hard labor. But you are not married to your own mind or your self. You are married to a whole new person. A person with a unique persona, a person who is probably raised with different morals. Yet, every small detail during your relationship made you fall more and more in love.

I fell in love with my husband because of  his serving heart, and acts of kindness in our relationship. Which at some point in our marriage he got too comfortable and well decided, I don’t have to try as hard. I mean I love my husband, but as a women and all these hormones, I would question his love towards me. I mean I am sure he loves me unconditionally, but as a woman I wanted a constant reminder. Being in my own mind got too complicated, so I decided to communicate. The number one advise you hear from everyone at ones wedding, “Communication is the key, respect one another, and love unconditionally”. Except they don’t give you a step by step of how to do it once you are in a serious dilemma. Each marriage will go through different problems, but how you face them is the real key. Now, my husband and I are in the journey for a second amazing year of marriage. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Continue reading “Young and Married”