Young and Married

    Being married young has been an outsanding experience. I am a twenty-five woman with no kids, but I am a proud dog mom to a small maltipoo. There is a lot of things that make up a marriage. So i will slightly speak of my experience. We do not always agree in certain things. But we certainly manage to respect each others opinion and decisions. My husband and I dated 7 years before being married. I will say, our marriage has been an amazing journey.

As humans we are selfish, and we tend to always have high expectations from our partners. Quickly I learned that in our marriage it takes a lot of selfless love, mercy, and compassion. Now, I cannot speak for most marriages, but as for ours I knew these were the main keys to be able to succeed in our marriage. Marriage actually takes work, I mean you don’t literally think, oh it is a lot of hard labor. But you are not married to your own mind or your self. You are married to a whole new person. A person with a unique persona, a person who is probably raised with different morals. Yet, every small detail during your relationship made you fall more and more in love.

I fell in love with my husband because of  his serving heart, and acts of kindness in our relationship. Which at some point in our marriage he got too comfortable and well decided, I don’t have to try as hard. I mean I love my husband, but as a women and all these hormones, I would question his love towards me. I mean I am sure he loves me unconditionally, but as a woman I wanted a constant reminder. Being in my own mind got too complicated, so I decided to communicate. The number one advise you hear from everyone at ones wedding, “Communication is the key, respect one another, and love unconditionally”. Except they don’t give you a step by step of how to do it once you are in a serious dilemma. Each marriage will go through different problems, but how you face them is the real key. Now, my husband and I are in the journey for a second amazing year of marriage. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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