The Secret to Life

   I have many ideas, and dreams for my career, and sometimes my future seems to be so far away. What is it about the future that we want to be there so badly? Sometimes I have a daily battle with my own mind, so I motivate myself to keep pushing, because I have yet to explore the world. Am I the only one here going through quarter life crisis? I find myself in my own head at times, as if my mind is the only place I belonged. The mind is where it all starts, most of our actions started with a thought. However, sometimes the actions I want to take are too extreme, so I take figuratively two steps down. We all have our own secret to life… for some you are born, and if you are breathing you are alive. While others go out of their way to find a reasoning behind life.  I can tell you that the secret to life is God, love, and exploring the world, but we all have different experiences, and different backgrounds of how we were introduced to life. I took a lot of science courses during college, and learned about life through microscopes, formulas, equations, experiments, and amazing scientists through the years. Let me tell you most scientists were just curious about life, and how we came to be, and the purpose of each person in this world. I am going to say that so far I have been flowing with my own destiny, and I am slowly enjoying the small things in life.  My secret is finding serenity with myself  and others.

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